aka BloodthirsT Vampyre

  • I live in Kodaikanal
  • I was born on September 7
  • My occupation is Working on first book ( want it to impress riordan so he can be my co-author ) , Rapping , Archery
  • I am Male
  • Karticobra

    You  people think that I am a disgrace ,showed me  hate  and   I  feel  like  you live every day to see my misery  feels  like this is a bad way to repay me  for not showin you any disrespect , all you live for is to see  if  I  ever get a broken neck  when all I need is love  someone to date and fall in love  with  I  have  a  diagnosis , aspergers , never once did  it  occur to y'all that I was autistic  for y'all  my very life I would risk it ,pay death a visit , I  want to date and love but  y'all  like  seein my deprivation  with me none of you want any relation honestly I’m tired  of this shit,  romance I need a lot of it but  I feel you ain’t got the guts to show me any love and I feel y'all wanna tear me up  and   and I just -

    ( Sun…

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  • Karticobra

    Free -Style

    September 11, 2013 by Karticobra

    Yo , Yo,Yo  

    you fuckin bitch I hate you wish you were in hell gettin cooked , cant even read a book bout you , wish you was barbecued bitch imma be hard on you commit suicide , I hope you do or imma ask the government to execute you , gonna shit on you beat the shit outta you , that's my dream , wanna hear you scream gonna gett'em to shoot you clean ( short rap)

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  • Karticobra

    Hey  y'all , I want to rap battle every single person on here , inclusive of  the highest ranks. Y'all help me and I will add you on to my label when  I  get  one  :D . Everybody battle me PLEASE :D !!! thanks

    Karticobra A.K.A Bloody-Z

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  • Karticobra

    Hey , Do you guys feel that Eminem is the best rapper ever ? Well good cause he is and to the people who dont like Eminem , y'all can go fuck yourselfs. Also Eminem is  the best rapper ever.  He is  the Elvis Presley of Rap. No innacurrateness like those people say! Fuck that shit! (Vanilla Ice , you gave him some controversy so we will make a Vanilla Milkshake outta you ). He has made a lot  of  the best albums ANYBODY can buy . Eminem , your the best and I look up to you as a elda brotha dawg. And to Hailie and your sisters , Y'all Inherited his personality and large hearted kindness!!! :D .

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