In this blog post i will lyrically break down some of the songs in the infamous Shady Records Vs. Murder Inc. Beef

Ja Rules Side

Ja rule claims 50s a snitch

Not entirely true

It was revealed that the restraining order was not made by Jackson himself.

Hailey will be a horrible person


The future has yet to judge that. Although, a Fake hailey twitter (That Paul Rosenberg claimed was the real Hailie for some time before the incident) Lashed out at hairy styles and Taylor Swift.

Dre is Gay

What an original accusation, like some people haven't said that before. (See: Tupac - Toss it up, Eazy E - Real Compton City G's)

Suge says to this day that Tupac started the Dre feud because he was Bisexual


It was revealed by Afeni Shakur herself Tupac had Homosexual freinds, and the feud was started due to Pac not trusting dre about something.)

Also, in a recent interview. A member of the "World class wreckin' Cru" (The group which made people question Dr. Dres sexuality) Denied the rumors of dre being gay.

=Shady Records side

Ja Rule is ripping off of Tupac and DMX

It is true that Ja Rules lyrics strongly sound like DMX and Tupac. Also his voice, flow. And many other aspects resemble him. Ja also did a song "Paying homage" to Tupac.

Murder inc Aren't rappers


It is a Fact most of Ja Rule and Murder Incs songs are actually R&B

So who do you think won this feud? Ja Rule, or Shady Records.

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