First off, my original account (Dylanisthebest123) Has recently been disabled. So i will now be editing with this one. And since i cant edit my own blogs anymore, i will just make a new one.

"In relapse all songs are about rape and drugs."

Maybe so. But lets look at his old songs. (The Marshall Mathers LP)

Public Service announcement (Im pretty sure its a skit telling people to "Suck his fucking cock")

Kill You (Murdering woman, rape.)

Stan (A obssessed fan who, Murdered his pregnant wife)

The way i am (Dissing interscope and critics)

The Real Slim Shady (Taking shots at many artists.)

Marshall Mathers (Taking shots at ICP)

I'm Back (Many controversial things, including talking about murdering the victims of columbine)

Drug Ballad (Name says it all)

Bitch Please ("Homophobic" Lines)

Kim (Murdering his own wife)

Now lets take a look at relapse.

3.AM - Murdering

My Mom - Drugs

Insane - Random Lines.

Bagpipes from Baghdad - Nick Cannon Diss

Hello - Drugs

We Made You - Taking shots at celebritys

Stay Wide Awake - Rape

Do i need to Go on, (And to all who think i am taking shots at him by saying this stuff, Eminem is classified as a "Horrorcore" Artist. But recovery is an exception, the name is literally Recovery)

He turned Pop

Well for one, the definition of Pop.

pop music


music of general appeal to teenagers; a bland watered-down version of rock'n'roll with more rhythm and harmony and an emphasis on romantic love

Now listen to Not Afraid. Exactly. (Bot wat abot luv te wey u ly nd space bound)  "You wont get played on the radio if you put out singles like that" - Puff Daddy to Biggie when he was attempting to make a dark song.

And those are two songs, The rest of the album is exactly like his old songs.

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