How this relates to rap? Tupac. Tupac made the term. But in this blog. I give everyone the TRUE, explanation.

The Common Belief

It is thought by all that Tupac was killed by the Illuminati for speaking out against him. In fact, some of the more strong believers get pissed off and say "Go Watch a Tupac interview, bitch" or something in that range. But, there is only ONE (Thats right, One.) And in it he gives the explination for the word "Killuminati."

The True Meaning

TUPAC HIMSELF said when he was in prison, many people were making conspiracys saying the Illuminati set him up (He was shot at some point in time.) But, Tupac didn't believe. So when he got out he made Killuminati to kill the hype and kill the rumors that this Fictional organization exists.


I do hope all the believers see this.So to all you "Killuminati Members" You haven't fought for what tupac did. In fact you did the exact opposite. The goal with Killuminati was not hit, and will most likely not be in a billion years.

In other news i ended poverty with a site i saw in a youtube comment, all i had to do to make money was take polls! :)

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