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    Spam Comments

    July 22, 2013 by Freddysback

    Hello, . Tis I, Nalyd T Best, today i am discussing something i have been noticing, Spam Comments, If you are familiar with the internet you know that Spam means Nonsense & Gibberish, or one thing repeated multiple times. But, today i am asking: Do you consider this spam?

    I have recently been noticing loads of comments that are one word or under 5 Characters. so i am asking. Should these be deleted? Tell your opinion in the comment section below, remember to give a reason why you believe that.

    ~ Dylan.

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  • Freddysback

    Well, since i wont be editing for a week (Lil sisters birthday, gonna be gone most the time) I'm gonna make a "Double Blog" of some sort. Well anyway, today (Tonight, depending on when your watching.) i'll be discussing The Greatest Feud Of All Time (Nas Vs. Jay Z) And an eminem one (Nick Cannon Vs. Eminem).

    "Ask nas he dont want it with hov" Well obviously, Jay Z was incorrect. Because nas does want it with hov. (Im referencing some Hip Hop documentary that took Jays greatest fact/ claim from Takeover and Nas's Worst/Weakest. In all seriousness.

    This is the first shot fired in the small but notorious beef. Although it is considered a nas diss, Mobb Deep is who its mainly aimed at.

    /Had a spark when you started but now your just garbage/ Fall…

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  • Freddysback

    This is a short blog, so im just gonna start without Intro, Conclusion ECT.

    I encourage people to start getting on the chat, and if you dont have a wikia account make one. I'm gonna start getting on the chat more frequently (daily most likely) in hopes that somone else will start.

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  • Freddysback

    How this relates to rap? Tupac. Tupac made the term. But in this blog. I give everyone the TRUE, explanation.

    It is thought by all that Tupac was killed by the Illuminati for speaking out against him. In fact, some of the more strong believers get pissed off and say "Go Watch a Tupac interview, bitch" or something in that range. But, there is only ONE (Thats right, One.) And in it he gives the explination for the word "Killuminati."

    TUPAC HIMSELF said when he was in prison, many people were making conspiracys saying the Illuminati set him up (He was shot at some point in time.) But, Tupac didn't believe. So when he got out he made Killuminati to kill the hype and kill the rumors that this Fictional organization exists.

    I do hope all the belie…

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  • Freddysback

    Well, as your probably know, rap is at its lowest these days. Many rappers will never in there career be compared to such legends as, Nas and Ice cube, but as the main critic (I seem to be the only one making blogs about this random stuff) I can assure you there are billions of good rappers still in the game, you just have to look passed the media..

    Now, i wont lie. This whole list (Except a few) are always in the media. But they are the top of them all. Maybe there is a underground artist no one has listened to that is the best. (Btw, it was a top 10 but i took some artists off in the proccess)

    As somone who FUCKING HATES YMCMB. Drake is okay. He has decent lyrics, Doesn't use autotune every other song. And doesn't have to go "IM THE NGA NG…

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