DylPool here bringing you more Eminem news once again. This time concerning one of my favorite things, Comic Book Movies.


a fan asked Paul Rosenberg if Marshall was involved in 2015s Man of Steel 2 (Worlds Finest, Batman Vs Superman) (i for one think this was a random question but, anyway) Paul responded with "No. But i always thought he'd make a good riddler"

Marshall has openly been a long time comic book fan, to comparing him and Dr. Dre to Batman & Robin, even appearing in an issue of Marvels Punisher Comic.

It has recently been rumored that the Riddler would appear as one of the main villains (Alongside the Superman Nemises, Lex Luthor.) the rumored actors are Leonardo DiCaprio, and Justin Timberlake. Do you think Eminem would make a good Edward E. Nigma? Post your opinion in the comment section.

My Opinion

If Eminem was to be more of the rapper he was during the era of Marshall Mathers LP and SSLP, Yes. I think he can pull off being the riddler with the right script. He has proven he is a good actor with his award winning movie 8 Mile. But. He is competing with Leonardo Dicaprio for the role *Since Justin Timberlake isn't even competition*. Although, Riddler may not even be in the movie.


Well thats it for the night/day Goodnight/afternoon <Insert Username Here>, You have just read my most pointless blog.

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