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    MMLP 2 Review

    November 10, 2013 by Dylansthebest123

    Well, the album of the year has finally been released. These are my thoughts on it.

    Marshall Mathers LP 2 is his first album in 3 years, probably only successful (Critically) album in 9 years, and was one of this years most anticipated albums.

    Everything I heard, was the exact. Same. Thing. Ever. Examples:


    "Too much rihanna" 

    "Horrible compared to his old ****"
    "Sucks more then Recovery"

    " horrible."

    "*insert sentence with 30 different grammatical errors and only 5 words*"

    Anyway, all of these are very similar to my opinion on... Miley Cyrus. Anyway, this is my review on every song *Excluding the deluxe version and CoD: Ghosts Bonus*

    Bad Guy - This song, if you skip it quickly *like I did until I read the lyrics when I…

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  • Dylansthebest123

    DylPool here bringing you more Eminem news once again. This time concerning one of my favorite things, Comic Book Movies.

    a fan asked Paul Rosenberg if Marshall was involved in 2015s Man of Steel 2 (Worlds Finest, Batman Vs Superman) (i for one think this was a random question but, anyway) Paul responded with "No. But i always thought he'd make a good riddler"

    Marshall has openly been a long time comic book fan, to comparing him and Dr. Dre to Batman & Robin, even appearing in an issue of Marvels Punisher Comic.

    It has recently been rumored that the Riddler would appear as one of the main villains (Alongside the Superman Nemises, Lex Luthor.) the rumored actors are Leonardo DiCaprio, and Justin Timberlake. Do you think Eminem would make a goo…

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  • Dylansthebest123

    Well since theres a 94% chance of 10000s of Anons coming here and probably starting arguements and other stuff, i want to *Attempt* to make rules. Its loosely based on the Wiki Terms of use. Also, when i say users i mean everyone AWCs, Users, Admns, everyone.

    • Do not Harrass, intimidate, or abuse other users
    • Please do not post anything Racial, Religious, Homophobic
    • Do not post pornographic content.
    • If your under 18, please dont go around telling anyone.
    • Do not impersonate other users.
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    The King is back

    August 26, 2013 by Dylansthebest123

    Big news! i am currently watching the MTV video awards 2013 (Spoiler: it all sucked) anyway, i saw a commercial that appeared to be a Beats By Dre commercial. BUT. it showed the Eminem logo, and contained a snippet of a song. then, the letters "MMLP2" were on screen. It also gave a November release date. So this CONFIRMS eminem has returned, hopefully due to the name "Marshal Mathers LP 2" it'll bring back his old style (i for one have no problem with his Recovery one,, but a good percentage of others do) According to my sources a Single titled Berzerk will be released Thursday. Check my blog posts for more information, i will keep everyone updated on the latest Eminem info.

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  • Dylansthebest123

    Hello everyone, User:Freddysback here to tell you important news.

    Well to start off, if you are a Stan you realize that Eminem has recently released a song along with the Call Of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal entitled "Survival". On Interscopes official twitter and many other sources it states to "Watch out for a new eminem single coming soon."

    Comment below on when do you think the Single will be released, and your opinion on Survival.

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