Alright, while i have been thinking for a while and figured out a few theorys on how rap will end up in a few years... Months... or even days.

Dr Dre


Well, Dre never says when it will release. So maybe he'll just let people find out themselves. Maybe he will wait for people to just log onto itunes one day and find "Detox" on the front page of Itunes.


Well, it doesn't matter if he dies from, Old Age, STD's, Shooting, Or anything else. Jimmy Iovene will be blamed for his death. Eazy E's business partner was blamed, So was Tupacs (Suge Knight) It will most likely be. All his ghost written rhymes and unused beats will be sold (Most likely to Jay Z's punkass) And Aftermath will fall.


50 Cent Beef

I have recently noticed 50 taking shots at eminem, Subliminally and straight up. In an interview 50 said G Unit was bigger then D12. And he also said eminem is the reason rap is pop. Fifty isn't known for making freinds with rappers. (Ask Nas, Jada, Ja rule, Benzino, And many others) And Dr. Dre almost had a fallout with 50. He is also leaving interscope soon. Watch, 50 will come at Em and Dre.

Upcoming Album

I think it will be similar to all his old albums. He leaves many hints on his album that Shady may make a return. I am not really sure. Guess the world wil lfind out in  june - july

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