"People aint Play doh"

~ Ice cube, This lyric means money doesn't change people.

Many people are saying after Recovery Em "Turned Pop" or "Selled out" i made this blog to show reasons, and proof that he didn't.

"He turned Pop"

Well for one, lets look at the definition for the word Pop

"Popular Music." If that is the case, he was ALWAYS pop. Tupac is pop, Dr. Dre is pop, THE GREATEST RAPPERS ARE EVER ARE POP

His lyrics changed

Many people say the reason he sold out is because all he raps about is quitting drugs. WRONG. Let us look at the track list for "Recovery"

  1. Cold Wind Blows - 5:03 His comeback song
  2. Talkin' 2 Myself (feat. Kobe) - 5:00 A song about his personal life
  3. On Fire - 3:33
  4. Won't Back Down (feat. P!nk) - 4:25 random punchlines, ect
  5. W.T.P. - 3:58
  6. Going Through Changes - 4:58 personal life
  7. Not Afraid - 4:08 personal life, drug addiction
  8. Seduction - 4:35
  9. No Love - (feat. Lil Wayne) - 4:59
  10. Space Bound - 4:38
  11. Cinderella Man - 4:39
  12. 25 To Life - 4:01 Leaving Hip Hop
  13. So Bad - 5:25
  14. Almost Famous - 4:52 Coming up in hip hop, his rise to success.
  15. Love The Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna) - 4:23
  16. You're Never Over - 5:05 Proof
  17. Untitled (Hidden Track)
  18. Ridaz (Bonus Track)
  19. Session One (feat. Slaughterhouse) (Bonus Track)

As you can see, only little songs are about his drug past, "But dylan al duh songs about is pursunole lyf iz abut his drug adiction..." Listen to other songs on his albums. ABOUT HIS PERSONAL LIFE.


Many people critisize him for collaborating with "Rihanna" "YMCMB"  "P!nk" and many other artist that are considered pop. Well fr one, Lets look back at his past songs:

Feat Elton John

Feat Dido

Feat Fat Joe, Ma$e

Feat, P. Diddy

Yeah, nothing has changed with his collaborators. And the people he raps with doesn't change his verses. And the fact that hes not dissing pop stars anymore: Lets be honest. The artist these days are actually capable of responding, and witha ll the fans that YMCMB has they would be on there side. Also, eminem had reasons \to diss these people

Limp Bizkit = "Everlast will woop his ass"

Canibus = Dissed his for no reason

Benzino = Played the black and white card on him for no reason.

Ja Rule = DIssed his daughter.

The worse Lil wayne has done to em is say he is beyond his level.

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