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    Once again i fail to come-up with a good title for a blog. Well anyway, this is just a list of collaborators on Eminems upcoming album. Unlike his past albums, This one will definantly have a long list of stars on his tracks.

    • Big Sean
    • Chris Rock
    • No I.D (Producer)
    • Dr. Dre (Possible Collaborator or Producer)
    • Kendrick Lamar
    • Royce Da 5'9

    • Nas - His style is similar to Eminem, Nas also said he wanted Em on his track "Daughters" And has been on the same track with him on the leaked Detox song "Topless"
    • Ice Cube - The last time Ice and Em did anything was the Up in smoke tour.
    • Yelawolf - By far one of the greatest Shady Records artists on the label.
    • Skylar Grey
    • (I dont know right now, i had a huge list but i all of a sudden forgot it.)

    Feel free to post the p…

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  • Dylanisthebest123

    Alright, while i have been thinking for a while and figured out a few theorys on how rap will end up in a few years... Months... or even days.

    Well, Dre never says when it will release. So maybe he'll just let people find out themselves. Maybe he will wait for people to just log onto itunes one day and find "Detox" on the front page of Itunes.

    Well, it doesn't matter if he dies from, Old Age, STD's, Shooting, Or anything else. Jimmy Iovene will be blamed for his death. Eazy E's business partner was blamed, So was Tupacs (Suge Knight) It will most likely be. All his ghost written rhymes and unused beats will be sold (Most likely to Jay Z's punkass) And Aftermath will fall.

    I have recently noticed 50 taking shots at eminem, Subliminally and str…

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  • Dylanisthebest123

    God, Should have titled it random hip hop facts. Well anyway this is just some weird, awesome, controversal, strange Anything that has ever happened in the hip hop business

    Tim Dogs rise to fame came from his N.W.A diss "**** Compton" Which disrespected many west coast artist including Ice Cube, Eazy - E, MC ren, And Dr. Dre (All members of NWA). In Febuary 2013 Tim Dog died of a seizure. Or so we thought. Tim dog was recently found alive and well. He owes a lot of money from what i hear. Meanwhile somone we all know and love is most likely still alive and well, hasn't been found, And comes back to life every year to put out an album and give hints to who killed him.

    As you may know, Kanye West during the "Overrated Artist Awards" (I really …

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  • Dylanisthebest123

    "People aint Play doh"

    ~ Ice cube, This lyric means money doesn't change people.

    Many people are saying after Recovery Em "Turned Pop" or "Selled out" i made this blog to show reasons, and proof that he didn't.

    Well for one, lets look at the definition for the word Pop

    "Popular Music." If that is the case, he was ALWAYS pop. Tupac is pop, Dr. Dre is pop, THE GREATEST RAPPERS ARE EVER ARE POP

    Many people say the reason he sold out is because all he raps about is quitting drugs. WRONG. Let us look at the track list for "Recovery"

    1. Cold Wind Blows - 5:03 His comeback song
    2. Talkin' 2 Myself (feat. Kobe) - 5:00 A song about his personal life
    3. On Fire - 3:33
    4. Won't Back Down (feat. P!nk) - 4:25 random punchlines, ect
    5. W.T.P. - 3:58
    6. Going Through Changes - 4:58 …

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  • Dylanisthebest123

    Feuding has been in hip hop ever since the "Roxanne battles" Rappers feuding over the years have becom more frequent and sometimes more violent. These are my opinions to the top 10 Diss tracks

    Best line: "Biggie remember when i use to let you sleep on the couch and beg a **** to let you sleep on the couch?"

    The Basics: By far one of the most memorable disses in all of rap history. It is a diss towards most of the east coast and more importantly P. Diddys record label "Bad Boy"

    Why its not higher: Has no actual facts. All it is is pac screaming out how much he hates the east.

    The Basics: Created by The Realest, a few years before Death Row OFFICALY died out. It disses almost EVERY artist to leave Death Row.

    Why its not higher up the list: The in…

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