While you were itty-bitty sippin on yo momma's tittie

I was growinng up in a city

where the art is graffiti

Im the master

of disaster

Im a heartless bastard

where's my blaster

I assimilate haters and incinerate them

I pwn these masterbaters

watch it fools

I doodle poodles and noodles

I eat moogle

I cockblock a cop's cock on the block

and open Pandora's box while I watch Dora exploradora

This is sucha bore

but, can I have a little more

of wild boar cooked by a certain whore

I don't believe in folklore

just ask my folks

Im evil to core

toes to cranium living in this delirium sometimes

havin fun.

Me, I live to days at a time trying to triple time and make conmplex rhymes to perplex your brain

Just mindfucked you without a rubber.

Just ask your sister or your mother.

Go make out with your lover and eat whale blubber

I give ppl what they want

Vitamin MC

I was inspired by the 313

Don't worry Im just the viallain of the story

Wanna get gory?

Imma mean MC cant you see as a disgrace to my race

I blaze to another phase like hell.

I blitz through this Inferno

without like anyone like a loner

Oops I got  boner....a ah, ugh, fuck cum


excuse me miss

would u like to enjoy the bliss of my diss?

Dissmiss these bitches

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