This will only be up here temporarily.


You come here with a runny nose

and wack clothes

You say you get all the hoes

well, Im your worst foe

Go drink piss and catch Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

Australopithecus Robustsus

this is the end of this diss. Then again

I dont give a damn if I live in Compton.

Give me a a fat hen,

a nice lesbian,

a cd of Eminem

and one of MC REN

, a Barbie Doll and a Ken,

Oh Yeah Revive Uncle Ben.

Walkin through the st.

with DC's on my feet.

Birds take th flight

It's now night

I pull out a snack and take a bite.

Cold Wind Blows

Enought to fly a kite

I see a deranged stranger

with a prob

I think its anger

He comes to me with a gun at close range

and begs for some change.

Part 2

Fuck Bicylces

I let Skylar Grey ride my Tricycle

Give her an Ice Tickle,

and icicle,

a nickel, and for a fun(u guessed it) a pickle


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