Everyone's favorite villain is Slim Shady (true fact). I am going to break down persona's used in albums, then songs.

Slim Shady EP/LP

Most of the songs are told through Eminem's Shady persona. Rock bottom seems to be told through Marshall; if I had is told by Eminem, the artist.

Marshall Mathers LP

Most of this album is told through Eminem and Marshalls(influenced by his anger) perspective. Real Slim Shady-nuff said.

Eminem Show

Without Me is clearly told through Shady persona. The rest of the album is primarily through Eminem.


Can't find Shady on here! XD


All Shady here. yep.


Relapse was pure Slim Shady. It had a demonic  violence  tone to it and darker content. This wan't the playful Slim Shady we know.


So Bad had residual signs of Shady on it.

Marshall Mathers LP 2

This album is very contradicting, it makes it seems as if they are two different people at times and also they are the same person. Evil Twin!


Shady killed himself in Parking Lot. He was revived by Eminem in Evil Twin. Eminem was killed by Mitchell in Bad Guy, ending Slim Shady. 

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