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    New Freestyle

    November 22, 2013 by DarkSlayer 3

    While you were itty-bitty sippin on yo momma's tittie

    I was growinng up in a city

    where the art is graffiti

    Im the master

    of disaster

    Im a heartless bastard

    where's my blaster

    I assimilate haters and incinerate them

    I pwn these masterbaters

    watch it fools

    I doodle poodles and noodles

    I eat moogle

    I cockblock a cop's cock on the block

    and open Pandora's box while I watch Dora exploradora

    This is sucha bore

    but, can I have a little more

    of wild boar cooked by a certain whore

    I don't believe in folklore

    just ask my folks

    Im evil to core

    toes to cranium living in this delirium sometimes

    havin fun.

    Me, I live to days at a time trying to triple time and make conmplex rhymes to perplex your brain

    Just mindfucked you without a rubber.

    Just ask your sister or your mother. …

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    Breaking down Slim Shady

    November 14, 2013 by DarkSlayer 3

    Everyone's favorite villain is Slim Shady (true fact). I am going to break down persona's used in albums, then songs.

    Most of the songs are told through Eminem's Shady persona. Rock bottom seems to be told through Marshall; if I had is told by Eminem, the artist.

    Most of this album is told through Eminem and Marshalls(influenced by his anger) perspective. Real Slim Shady-nuff said.

    Without Me is clearly told through Shady persona. The rest of the album is primarily through Eminem.

    Can't find Shady on here! XD

    All Shady here. yep.

    Relapse was pure Slim Shady. It had a demonic  violence  tone to it and darker content. This wan't the playful Slim Shady we know.

    So Bad had residual signs of Shady on it.

    This album is very contradicting, it makes it se…

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  • DarkSlayer 3


    November 4, 2013 by DarkSlayer 3

    This will only be up here temporarily.


    You come here with a runny nose

    and wack clothes

    You say you get all the hoes

    well, Im your worst foe

    Go drink piss and catch Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

    Australopithecus Robustsus

    this is the end of this diss. Then again

    I dont give a damn if I live in Compton.

    Give me a a fat hen,

    a nice lesbian,

    a cd of Eminem

    and one of MC REN

    , a Barbie Doll and a Ken,

    Oh Yeah Revive Uncle Ben.

    Walkin through the st.

    with DC's on my feet.

    Birds take th flight

    It's now night

    I pull out a snack and take a bite.

    Cold Wind Blows

    Enought to fly a kite

    I see a deranged stranger

    with a prob

    I think its anger

    He comes to me with a gun at close range

    and begs for some change.

    Part 2

    Fuck Bicylces

    I let Skylar Grey ride my Tricycl…

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  • DarkSlayer 3

    Eminem wins Youtube

    November 4, 2013 by DarkSlayer 3



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  • DarkSlayer 3

    Eminem's website

    August 23, 2013 by DarkSlayer 3

    Today I went to the EMINEM website and I was surprised whenI saw it.

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