Eminem hurry the fuck up shoots the teller says thank you ! runs out go go go gets in a car whata fuck tha fuck ya do a fuck bail on me fuck you ! car stops working ah you gotta be f****** kidding me are you f****** kidding me gets out shit running get off shoots a dog running the cop's are getting closer they caught him parking lot shit let's see your hands fuck it shoots himself

Official LyricsEdit

Don't kill me!

Hurry the fuck up! *shoots the teller*
Thank you! *running*
Go, go, go! What the ..fuck? The fuck he go?
Mothafucka bail on me? Fuck you! *car stops working*
Aw, you gotta be fucking kidding me!
Are you fucking kidding me? Shit! *running*
Get off! *shoots a dog*
Ha-ha *sound of sirens*
Parking lot! Shit, ah!

Let me see your hands, bend over!

Ah, fuck it! *shoots himself*

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