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Album Year Information
Infinite 1996 Eminem's first demo (underground release)
The Slim Shady EP 1997 Eminem's second demo (underground release)
The Slim Shady LP 1999 Eminem's first studio album under a major label.
The Marshall Mathers LP 2000 Most critically aclaimed Eminem album.
The Eminem Show 2002 Eminem's most personal album
Encore 2004 Last album before 4 year hiatus 
Curtain Call: The Hits 2005 Greatest hits album
Eminem Presents: The Re-Up 2006 Compilation album featuring artists signed to Shady Records.
Relapse 2009 Eminem's comeback album
Relapse: Refill 2009 Re-release of Relapse.
Recovery 2010 Best selling album worldwide of 2010
The Marshall Mathers LP 2 2013 The MMLP Follow-up album.
Shady XV 2014 Latest Eminem album

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