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Devil's Night is the debut album from Detroit hip-hop group D12. It was recorded in remembrance of Bugz, who was shot just hours before a concert.

Track Listing Edit

No. Track Length
1. Another Public Service Announcement (Skit) 0:49
2. Shit Can Happen 4:52
3. Pistol Pistol 5:23
4. Bizzare (Skit by Bizzare) 1:12
5. Nasty Mind (ft. Truth Hurts) 4:43
6. Ain't Nuttin' But Music (ft. Dr. Dre) 5:11
7. American Psycho 4:36
8. That's How (Skit) 0:37
9. That's How... 4:49
10. Purple Pills 5:05
11. Fight Music 4:22
12. Instigator 4:58
13. Pimp Like Me (ft. Dina Rae) 5:57
14. Blow My Buzz 5:10
15. Obie Trice (ft. Obie Trice) 1:07
16. Devil's Night 4:19
17. Steve Berman (Skit by Steve Berman and Eminem) 0:50
18. Revealation 5:48
19. Girls (Limp Bizkit Diss) (Hidden Track) 5:35

Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc Edit

No. Title Length
1. Shit on You (Album Version) 5:14
2. Words Are Weapons 4:38
3. These Drugs 4:44
4. Video CD-Rom - Includes Shit on You video, 'Dirty TV International' feature, and image gallery ----

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